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Borrowing Power Calculator

The home loan borrowing calculator shows you the results of hypothetical changes like paying down your car loan or a personal loan, reducing the number of credit cards you hold, making adjustments to living expenses, or increasing your income.

Comparison Rate Calculator

This calculator enables you to calculate the comparison rate. It takes into account the introductory interest rate, a reverting interest rate and any fees over your selected term.

Credit Card Calculator

This calculator allows you to see how long it will take to pay off your credit card by paying the minimum repayment versus making higher repayments.

Home Buying and Selling Calculator

When you've found your ideal house for sale, it's easy to forget about the additional costs that come along with your decision to buy a property. The same can be said for when it comes to house sales, it pays to be prepared. There are a number of costs associated with buying or selling a home that you may not be aware of.

Home Loan Comparison Calculator

This home loan rate comparison calculator will help you eliminate the question marks and make a decision informed by facts. It's important to understand that when you are looking at home loans, comparison of initial interest rates doesn't provide the full picture.

Home Loan Offset Calculator

This calculator demonstrates the interest saved and the time saved in paying off your mortgage by having a home loan offset account.

Home Loan Repayment Calculator

This home loan calculator can help you get a better understanding on what your current loan will cost over its life, then see the results of making hypothetical changes.

Honeymoon Loan Calculator

This calculator provides the honeymoon repayment amount and reverting repayment amount of a Honeymoon Loan. It also provides a comparison of the interest paid on the Honeymoon rate versus if there was no Honeymoon rate.

Income Gross Up Calculator

This calculator allows you to estimate your gross pay based on your net pay for a given period as well as helps you to understand the amount of tax payable and your tax to gross income ratio (which differs to your marginal tax rate).

Income Tax Calculator

The Income Tax Calculator calculates the net income using the tax rate tables obtained from the Australian Tax Office website. You can calculate what income tax you would pay on different gross income levels. Calculations do not include Medicare Levy or HECS payments.

Leasing Calculator

This leasing calculator calculates the monthly payment required, the total payments over the life of the lease and the total interest payable. You can input the purchase price, the residual, the interest rate and the term.

Mortgage Switching Calculator

This calculator helps you understand whether you may save money by making a switch from your existing mortgage to another as well as the benefit of making higher repayments instead of minimum repayments.

Rent vs Buy Calculator

This calculator provides you an estimate of your long term financial position when comparing the decision to either rent (and save) or purchase a main residence (and grow home equity).

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

The reverse mortgage calculator assists when you are looking at using the equity in your home to help fund your retirement. It reviews how much you can borrow and how you receive the money. You can input the interest rate and the fees and determine at what time the equity in your home becomes zero.

Savings Calculator

This calculator calculates the total accumulation in a savings or investment account. You can choose the regular deposit frequency, the initial amount, the regular deposit amount, the term and earning rate.

Savings Goal - How Long to Save

This calculator looks at how long it will take to reach your savings goal by considering three main variables that will impact on the time-frame required to meet your targeted savings goal: your current savings balance, investment earnings, and planned regular contributions.

Savings Goal - How Much to Deposit

This calculator considers the amount you will need to contribute to your savings, depending on your deposit frequency, to reach your savings goal by considering three main variables that will impact on the contribution amount required to meet your targeted savings goal: your current savings balance, investment earnings, and planned time-frame.

Split Loan Calculator

This calculator shows the total interest amount under a variable interest rate for the full loan term compared to the same loan having a fixed rate component. You can enter the fixed rate and the term.

Stamp Duty

This calculates transfer duty, mortgage duty, mortgage registration and transfer fees for various types of properties.

Term Deposit Calculator

This calculator shows the total accumulated balance and interest paid in a term deposit account. You can input the initial deposit amount, the interest rate and investment term.

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